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Omschrijving:Spinner 38/5 mm. For blade root width 8 mm.
Prijs:€ 12.80
Spinner 38/5 mm. For blade root width 8 mm.

38mm diameter spinner for electric flight and presenting a motor cooling system.
the dome is manufactured out of plastic and comes to take support on a groove machined in the aluminium middlepart to turn perfectly round.
The spinner dome is fixed by a screw M2,5 on the unit grips.
made in aluminium, its form, completely innovative, in Z, allowes the folding blades of the propeller to be perfectly folded up and "sticked" to the fuselage.
The blades fixation is done by a 3mm free in rotation axis, stopped by a circlip.
Their distance between centres is of 42mm. the blade foot thickness must be 8mm.
made out of aluminium, it ensures a sure and easy fixing on the driving shaft 5,0mm by Morse taper and collet.


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