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Omschrijving:Fling hand launch sailplane ARF
Prijs:€ 89.90
Fling hand launch sailplane ARF GPMQ1060

Simply put, the Fling ARF is one of Life's small pleasures. It's so modestly priced that almost any pilot can afford it, yet offers extras that many larger and more expensive gliders lack. Plus, it's so light and compact that a hand launch and a football field supply all the lift and room needed for lazy afternoons of relaxed thermal riding. By contrast, assembly speeds by in just a few hours, leaving all the more for the fun part of flying.

Ready for its first flight in as little as 2-3 hours.

Can be launched by hand to catch low-lying thermals - or by the included high-start to ride bigger and stronger thermals up top!

Arrives with the control surfaces hinged, balsa sections already covered and a tow hook and carbon-fiber boom installed on the tough, light fiberglass fuselage.

Simplifies operation with simple rudder and elevator controls and offers smooth, pinpoint response with light, strong pull-pull set-ups.

Docile and forgiving for all fliers practically self-piloting when trimmed to perfection.

Includes all required hardware, an illustrated instruction manual and a FREE mini high start!

Stock Number: GPMA1060
Wingspan: 48.8 in (1240 mm)
Total Wing Area: 285 in (18.4 dm)
Weight: 6.8 oz (195 g)
Length: 31.5 in (800 mm)
Includes: Mini high-start
Requires: 2-channel radio w/micro receiver and 2 micro or nano servos, micro battery pack


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