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Omschrijving:RR Funglider
Prijs:€ 174.90 € 149.90
RR Funglider

This electric glider is a fun model for the weekend pilot. The RR model is supplied 100% factory-assembled. Install your own receiver, charge the flight battery (3S-950 mAh), plug in the wings and tailplane, and the aeroplane is ready for the air.

With its good-natured flight handling the FunGlider is sheer pleasure to fly. It is compact, agile and highly manoeuvrable around all axes. The powerful brushless motor enables it to fly lively aerobatics, and long flight times are easily obtained. With its low sink rate and good circling characteristics the model is just as much at home at the slope as when thermalling from a flat field. High-speed manoeuvres and descents present no problem, as the airframe is very strong.

This ELAPOR® model incorporates a large number of innovative detail features

Try the FunGlider - you won't be disappointed!

- RR model: 100% factory-assembled

- High-performance brushless motor

- Folding propeller with turbo-spinner

- Innovative tubular spar technology for strong, stiff wings

- "M-SPACE Technology" for high fuselage strength

- Large fuselage hatch for easy battery swap

- Capable of simple aerobatics: loops, rolls, inverted flight, stall-turns, ...

- Optional landing aid by raising both ailerons

- Extremely robust airframe thanks to ELAPOR® construction

- Wings and tailplane simply push into place

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Wingspan: 1300 mm
Overall length: 800 mm
All-up weight: FunGlider approx. 590 g
Total surface area: 20.5 dm²
Total area loading: 28.9 g/dm²
Control channels: 4
RC functions: Elevator, aileron, rudder, throttle
Building time: approx. 15 min.
Flight time: approx. 20 min. without thermal influence


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