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Omschrijving:Multi-Mix Modul
Prijs:€ 69.95 € 19.95
Multi-Mix Modul.
Multi-Mix Modul Graupner 4157 Cross mixer, mixing ratio two-fold adjustable, uni- and
bi-directionally. Can be switched to V-mix (Delta models,
V-tails), aileron mix (flaperons), Combi-mix, Flap-mix and Heli-mix.
When used in conjunction with two (optional retrofit) extern
switches (No. 4160 and 4160.1 resp.) permits mix functions to be coupled/uncoupled individually or - using an extern double switch (No. 4160.2) - together.
A supplementary mixer input permits adding a further
proportional or switch function, such as flaperon trim or coupling additional function modules.
Module HELI-Mix 4 canaux


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