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If you are using a transmitter retro-fitted with M-LINK, then this unit provides a means of exploiting its telemetry capability to the full when you use a telemetry-capable receiver.

Suitable for the following transmitters:
- Transmitter fitted with the HFM3 M-LINK* RF module
(e.g. PROFImc 3000 / 4000),
Installed in vacant switch well - Fig. 2
- Graupner/JR transmitters with these RF modules:
HFMG1 M-LINK 2.4 Ghz,
HFMG2 M-LINK 2.4 GHz or
Installed in vacant switch well
- ROYALevo / pro transmitter fitted with the HFM4 M-LINK* RF module
- COCKPIT SX M-LINK* transmitter
Installed on handle
◾Output of telemetry data on a separate screen, mounted on the transmitter
◾Display of up to sixteen telemetry values (four sensor values per screen page)
◾Goose-neck mount allows the screen to be positioned on the transmitter in the exact position you prefer
◾Three-button control system
◾Integral loudspeaker with volume control
◾Alternatively: 3.5 mm barrel socket for earphone (not included in the set)
◾Menu languages: German and English
◾Variable screen contrast
◾Visual and audible alerts in range-check mode
◾Vario tone ON / OFF via button on the screen, or on the transmitter
◾Audible alarm tones if set sensor warning thresholds are exceeded
◾Visual and audible indicators when individually set warning thresholds are reached


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